Damp Proofing Services

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At Total Stop Damp offer we the following damp proofing services:

More information about the products we use:

Aida Injection Cream

The Innovation against Rising Damp

Aida Injection Cream is an emulsion on a silane/siloxane base. It is used for the injection of masonry work against rising damp. Because of it’s creamy consistency, it allows mortar joints to be drilled horizontally without a risk of the injection agent running out of the borehole, even when filled without pressure.

Diagram of how Aida injection cream works in masonry
Efficient, Proven, Economic and Clean.

Pure Cream Technology offers you the following distinct advantages:

  • Superior performance. With long lasting deep penetration of the active ingredient within the building material
  • Optimal penetration of the active ingredient. Because of this, it allows the usage of lower, more economic concentrations in contrast to other commonly available paste products
  • The unique consistency of pure cream provides superior stability in the borehole. As a result, ensuring optimal penetration of the active ingredient in all directions
  • Ease of application, allowing simple loading of application guns or application by low pressure sprayer

Electro Osmotic Damp Proofing

How the system works

This system introduces a very small and perfectly safe electric current into the wall just above ground level. In addition, a series of titanium anodes are inserted into the brickwork. It’s effect is to repel the rising moisture molecules down the walls and harmlessly back into the ground. As long as this tiny positive charge is maintained, the protected walls remain dry and totally free of damp.

Diagram of how Electro Osmotic Damp Proofing works
Wall before protection and after fitting the Lectros system.
Normal operation showing conduction through the anodes

Installation is quick and neat. A series of small holes are drilled in the outside masonry just above ground level. Tiny anodes are inserted, linked by a special connecting wire, which is ‘pointed’ into the wall.  Because of this, the finished result is virtually invisible and the disruption is minimal.

  • Permanently guards against the dangers of rising damp
  • Protects property of any age or structure
  • Simple to install with little disturbance to building structure
  • Immediately effective
  • Virtually indestructible (self healing)